Cats Unloved was founded by Wendy Sisson and Kerry Downey in 2002
Kerry Downey & Wendy Sisson
From the outset, the SPCA, Cats Protection League, the Christchurch City Council, Housing N.Z. and the public were asking a small group of women to trap wild cats, diseased and injured cats and uplift abandoned domestic cats.
Cats were delivered to the SPCA, the Cats Protection League or fostered and rehomed by Cats Unloved volunteers.
The very sick and wild cats were euthanized by sympathetic vets at no cost, the SPCA, the Cats Protection League and Cats Unloved.

In August 2008 Kerry was murdered by a Housing N.Z. tenant. 
Kerry Downey
Murdered on the 18 August 2008 after Housing N.Z. referred the man who killed her to the Cats Protection League. 
Her killer Ashley Peach was already under suspicion for the murder of another Housing N.Z. tenant in the complex where he lived when Housing N.Z. referred him to the Cats Protection League where Kerry worked.
One month before Kerry was murdered, Housing N.Z. denied on national TV they used volunteers to deal with animal welfare issues at their properties.